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"Have you ever really tried to escape from here? This place feels like a strange prison and it actually is, believe me. There must be an exit somewhere..."

Through The Fragmentation is a first person aventure game focusing on immersion and exploration, following the path of my previous game, The Hidden Fragmentation. You can talk to the many strange inhabitants of the City, discover hidden areas and secrets, or just try to unfold the mystery of the Fragmentation - it's up to you.

• Explore an immersive 3D world full of hidden areas and little secrets.

• Meet the strange habitants of the City and get to know their stories.

• Experience all the different endings and unfold the mystery of the Fragmentation.

• Grab your headhpones and enjoy the detailed, atmospheric soundscapes.

• Unlock the many hidden achievements.

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The game contains visuals which may cause discomfort, or even trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Player discretion is advised.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorMáté Pribelszky
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Colorful, Exploration, First-Person, Immersive, Mystery, Non violent, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Through The Fragmentation 1.1.2 (64bit).zip 110 MB
Through The Fragmentation 1.1.2 (32bit).zip 108 MB

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through-the-fragmentation-demo-32bit.zip 36 MB
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through-the-fragmentation-ost.zip 25 MB

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Stumbled upon it on Steam, played the demo, purchased the game and played the Hidden Fragmentation.

Thank you for the experience and have a good one.


Found this on Steam by accident. Just awesome. Thank you.

I'm glad to hear that! I often wonder how much the chance is that someone can randomly sumble upon it :D

Ah, by the way - perhaps consider leaving a review on Steam. I'm not entirely sure how its almighty algorithm works, but as far as I can tell the reviews help the game get recommended by the discovery queue. Previously a player has told me they found the game thanks to that (perhaps you too).

Either way, thanks for you feedback a lot! :) I genuinely hope one day you can enjoy the sequel as well.


Steam review was the first thing i left. I am looking forward to the sequel. No stress and no rush. If it happens will be awesome and if not, again thanks for these 2 gems.


Jesus i've been trying to find this game for so long!
I played this like a year or two ago and replayed it everyday, i lost the game when i bought a new computer and forgot the name, tried finding for a year, gave up and then came across this. Fuck yeah


And they say there are no happy ends in real life :')

I hope you'll enjoy the full version as well, it's superior to the demo from 2019 in every way.




I will totally talk with my parents about buying this game, this looks GREAT!


Cool! :) Show them the demo, perhaps (you can download it for free). There are a few slightly disturbing moments (and topics) in the game, but besides those it's completely non-violent. You can't kill anyone nor be died.


That bird looks like a chad


kinda looks like dont hug me im scared show


Nice Game. Did you make it using Unity?


Thanks : ) Yep, it was made using the Unity engine - not the most recent one though. I've used the 2018 LTS version, because that was the most stable one when I started to work on the game, and I felt skeptic about moving the project into a newer version in the middle of the development (as it turned out later on I was right about that).


Thanks for the answer . It looks absolutely amazing. Great Job

Does this game have any jumpscares or scary aspects? I'd love to play this game but jumpscares and horror games are very distressing for me. 


Nope, I hate jumpscares with every cell of my body, so you don't have to worry about them while playing any of my current or future games :D

Based on the opinion of other players, the game has a rather relaxing atmosphere with melancholic undertones. Just be prepared to its occasional weirdness :)


Hiiii, I've made a video about the demo version on steam and wanted to share some feedback with you, hopefully it helps you ^^

-The concept of the game is pretty interesting and engaging.

-Visually the game looks really awesome and has something that makes it quite unique and eye catching ^^

-The gameplay mechanics are very polished and well thought as sometimes you have move around the level looking for objects to solve "mini puzzles", but it never gets boring as the game keeps showing you interesting things about the place while slowly guiding you towards the objective. As a summary, the gameplay feels pretty organic and fluid.

-It's interesting talking to all the characters around the building, everyone has something interesting to say or they end up creating interesting situations.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hey, FullThrough!

Thanks for the nice review and the walkthrough as well. The demo is pretty old (originally released in October, 2019), so it was great to see again how someone finds their way to the end. The last player I saw playing the game got stuck at the beginning :D

Hope that later on you can play the full version too, it has a tons of exciting additions. Thanks again, and keep up the videos! :)


You are welcome ^^, thanks for the kind words :)


I remember playing the first version of this.

Would you like some help, by any chance? 

Hmm 🤔 Well, I'd definitely have needed a lot of help during the development, but right now I think spreading the word about the game may be the the best kind of help anyone can do... (?) If you have any friends who may be interested in the game, feel free to share it with them :)

But besides that if you're really serious, you can contact me, so we can figure it out for... dunno - possible future projects maybe(?) We'll see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm looking for playing your game 'Adrian' later on anyway, so I can share my thoughts with you. If you have a Discord account, just add me there (Máté#9263).

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Fully supporting you... cross-website too! ᕦ(o - ~)ᕤ


Hey, thank you, dude! 🙏 Also it's really nice to see you here too 🙂


Hi, I really loved this game.

The colour scheme, the bird people, the sounds, all made for a great atmosphere.

The puzzles were not too hard either, I really do not like it when I get stuck on level one of a game. I like nice incremental difficulty levels. I like to explore and I like point and click puzzles and room escapes so I'm looking forward to the next installment of this. 

I had to make an account just so I could comment here. No other game has made me want to do that yet!


Thank you! I especially appreciate the fact that you created this account just for being able to tell me how much you enjoyed the game. It means a lot :)
Although the development definitely slowed down a lot recently (partly because I need to focus on my university studies), I keep working on it and try to finish the game as soon as possible. Of course the main priority is still the quality of the end product. I hope you'll like it :)

Stay tuned!

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Not only did i play the demo, but i played the first one too! It was so good! Please continue to update this game. Cant wait for its full release! :) (Hope more people will know this hidden gem of a game)

Hey, thanks for making a video about both of the Fragmentation games, man! : )

By the way I'm planning to leave a more detailed comment under your video.


That was.... so good. so so so good. I can't wait for the full game!

Thanks! I probably should finally finish the game as soon as possible. Some players have been waiting for the final version since... last October (?) :D

Anyway thanks for playing the game! :)

Yup, I remember the first version. Loved that one too!


Made a video sometime ago


Ah, yes! Thanks for posting the video here as well :)

Happy to see the game show up on itch, hope it gets an audience here and yeah it's been a while since we played your game on gamejolt.